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LI -American Revolutionary War: The Duke's Redemption by Carla Capshaw

The Duke's Redemption (Love Inspired Historical)

The Duke's Redemption by Carla Capshaw

Drake Amberly, Duke of Hawk Haven, came to the colonies for revenge-to unmask the spy who killed his brother. Yet he find himself distracted from his mission by the beautiful and spirited Elise Cooper. But as Drake's pursuit of "The Fox" brings him dangerously close to Elise's secrets, she must prove to him that love and forgiveness are all they need.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I dare say that I could quite feel my heart beating out of my chest at times through out this adventure. The revolutionary war era is my favorite historical time period and I hardly find a novel entwined in that time that I enjoy, but that was not the case with this novel. I very much so enjoyed the experience of reading into the lives of Duke Drake Amberly and his true love, the espionage Fox for the Patriots Elise Cooper.

The things that one would do to save the life of her sister meet with the things that one would do to receive vengeance for the life of his brother and they are stalled with the question of is their love strong enough to endure the past? Knowing from the beginning that they would fall in love, it was difficult not being able to turn the pages fast enough. Such a complicated situation, it is hard to even suggest what the outcome could be.

Author Carla Capshaw kept my attention wrapped around each page and continuing chapter and I am so glad to have entered her into my favorite author list. I enjoyed this novel and I will definitely be on the look out for more.

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  1. Yay! Another novel set in my favorite time period! I will definitely pick this one up. The cover is beautiful and intriguing, too. Bless you bunches:)

  2. Glad to find a new colonial fiction. Will see if CBD has it. Thanks!

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  4. Thanks again for recommending this book. Check out my review at Also posted on CHF ning (my page) and at Shoutlife and at CBD.